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brownsville song
(b-side for tray)
You define your life by living it.

Written by Kimber Lee

Directed by Margo Hall

June 15 – July 9, 2017

Every day seven children and teens die from gun violence in our country. Every day. The number of grieving friends and families is staggering. Playwright Kimber Lee gives a visceral, human perspective to these troubling statistics. In the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn, we meet Tray, an African American teenager who looks after his step sister, talks back to his grandmother, and has big plans for the future. He is not a number. 

Share link: shotgunplayers.org/Online/brownsville

Naomi Janowitz & Andrew Lazarus
Lynn MacDonald
Patricia & Merrill Shanks
Richard & Kate West
Peet's Coffee & Tea
Carol Amyx & Donald Kaufman
Kitty Bosher
Guy Tiphane

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