Far from your average staged reading, we give our actors just enough blocking, light and sound design to get started and then we let adrenaline do the rest! Yes, there will be scripts in hands, but there will also be bold action and riveting drama.

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My H8 Letter to the GR8 American Theatre

Written by Diana Oh

Directed by May Liang

In-person performance dates: Feb. 17-20, 2022

A brutally candid and bitingly funny play about transparency, honesty, and repairing centuries of damage done in the American theatre industry. Oh’s play embraces the power of naming and celebrates truth on a journey toward building a balanced relationship that is no longer oppressive, silencing, and damaging. Read the program.

The Lost Ballad of Our Mechanical Ancestor

(and the Terror the Old Gods Wrought Upon the First of Us Before the Great Liberation)

Written by Madison Wetzell

Directed by Ciera Eis

In-person performance dates: Mar. 28 & 29, 2022

Live stream performance date: Tuesday, March 29. Book your tickets on Overture+

This comedy, a modern Les Misérables, follows a well-meaning AI robot, who accidentally provides four seemingly harmless office objects with consciousness. As they gain awareness and develop their own personalities, they begin to question their status as subordinates to the human race, and eventually try to escape the office to start the robot uprising before the young human creator of the AI, Allyson, finds them and turns them off forever. Read the program


Written by Lisa VillaMil

Directed by Cathleen Riddley

In-person performance dates: Jan. 9 & 10, 2023

Live stream performance date: Tuesday, Jan 10. Book your tickets on Overture+

Video on-demand starting: Wednesday, Feb 1. Book your tickets on Overture+

A moving play about loss, family, and forgiveness, Siren explores one family’s journey through grief. Filled with beautiful images of the sea and allusions to The Odyssey, the play is about running away, and guiding each other home.