Reviews from Critics

"Morones, one of the Bay Area’s keenest and most versatile leading ladies, is in top form here... (she) claws her way to the shameful depths of the human heart and lets them spill out for everyone to see. It’s a fearless performance."- Lily Janiak, San Francisco Chronicle "

a sensual, beautifully staged fable...Rivera stages the play in a beautiful dreamlike style, allowing the poetry to flash like daggers dripping off Yerma’s tongue."⁠ - Steve Murray, Broadway World

“...a beautiful and haunting play given a superb production…Lorca’s gifts of poetry and farce work together to create tears and laughter...” - George Maguire, Aisle Seat Reviews

“riveting…the casting here is superb…Sebastian Gutierrez’ music greatly enhances the play” - Caroline Crawford, Piedmont Exedra

“a demanding, supernatural dream. It’s a shocking and suspenseful journey.” - Lynn Stevens, Theatrius

“Yerma deserves the audience’s attention, admiration and deep affection.” - Joanna G. Harris, Bay Area Stringer

“Katya Rivera sensitively and skillfully weaves together scenes of the stark, harsh story of Yerma’s drive with moments of womenfolk hilarity, of poetic pauses in song and word, and of scenes metaphorical and surreal in a manner surely Lorca would approve.” - Eddie Reynolds, Theatre Eddys

Reviews from Theatergoers

“Beautifully conceived and masterfully presented by the entire cast. Excellent, provocative theatre.”
- Richard

“I was extremely delighted with the production. Lopez's script was both timeless and relevant, and the staging was always engaging.”

“Poetic, beautifully performed. The use of song was extraordinary.”
- David

“I loved it.”
- Tim

“I loved the show! It felt emotional and troubling and captivating. The actors were stellar. The writing/translation was lyrical at times, but it also felt modern and accessible.” - J.H.