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“Makes searching, studying and sharing intellectual discoveries as breathless and as dizzying as a love affair, as magical as time travel”
—Lily Janiak | San Francisco Chronicle
“An exquisitely written comedy”
—Emily S. Mendel | Berkeleyside
“An intellectual love story — one that takes place between great minds”
—Jeffrey Edalatpour | SFWEEKLY
“Vibrant with fine performances”
—Victor Cordell | ForAllEvents
“Wickedly clever”
—Edward Boyda | THEATRIUS
“Stoppard’s play reminds us that there’s always some kind of trouble in paradise—but, then, isn’t trouble the essence of good drama?”
—Robert Hall | The Piedmont Post
“A cleverly constructed comedy full of clever dialogue and clever ideas”
—Sam Hurwitt | The Mercury News
“Worth every minute”
—Nikki Munoz | The Daily Californian
“A modern masterpiece”
—George Heymont | My Cultural Landscape
“Bubbling with pleasures”
—John Wilkins | The Free Audience
“A complex play full of fascinating characters and a dollop of sexual tension, not to mention the exploration of mathematics and the power of the human heart.”
—Sally Hogarty | East Bay Times
“A lively, witty mystery”
—Barry Horwitz | THEATRIUS


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