Reviews from Critics

"...spring for tickets to 'The Cassandra Sessions,' a singularly engrossing presentation of Reynolds' music…compellingly theatrical…it hums with static electricity and understated intelligence…"
- Jim Gladstone | Bay Area Reporter
"Beth Wilmurt is amazingly vulnerable...she sings beautifully...thrilling...the final moments of this production achieve everything for which it strives."
- Charles Kruger | TheatreStorm
" has a lingering effect that’s hard to shake off. It’s timeless in the best ways, which is something desperately needed when it feels like time is standing still."
- Charles Lewis III | 48 Hills
"..stelllar musicianship...Wilmurt’s ground-breaking show reignites Reynolds’ timely anti-war and anti-corporate protests...highly enjoyable..."
- Robert M. Gardner | Theatrius
"Wilmurt’s voice can be cool and clear as a dewdrop or textured as a desert wind...a joyful, subversive proof of concept..."
- Lily Janiak | San Francisco Chronicle

Reviews from Theatergoers

"Easily one of the best shows of yours that I have seen and I have seen many."
"Beth's clear, strong voice suited the lyrics perfectly...a sense of fun and fellowship that has been missing from most of our lives for the past two years."
"What a great production, all around."
"There was something deeply personal and mesmerizing about the production that escapes description. I found myself deeply moved, both joyously and wistfully...I didn't want the evening to stop…"
" was really gripping to see the music come together in front of our eyes."
"The songs were a complete revelation to me..."
"It's a creative tour de force."
"This is one of the greatest Shotgun Player productions ever."
"...a magnificent discovery for me. Beth Wilmurt is a Bay Area treasure"
"...a beyond strong performance by the multi-talented Beth Wilmurt."