Citizen Brain

Written by Josh Kornbluth

In collaboration with Casey Stangl and Aaron Loeb

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At the Global Brain Health Institute, Josh Kornbluth immersed himself in the study of brain disease and wondered if our society was suffering from political dementia. The discovery of the “empathy circuit” in the brain might be the cure. Can a neurotic storyteller, who flunked every science class, spark a science-based revolution of empathy?

This recording of Citizen Brain is from the performance on Sunday, November 8.

Run time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

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The Sunday, November 8 performance of Citizen Brain is currently available for rent as a video on demand! Please note that promotional codes for pay-what-you-can pricing are listed in the video's description on Vimeo!

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Watch a recording of a post-show discussion

After every live performance of Citizen Brain, Josh Kornbluth interviewed a different neuroscience expert to dive deeper into the science and themes of Citizen Brain!

Though our live performances have ended, we have captioned recordings of a couple post-show discussion for you to enjoy for free!

If you're curious about who else joined us, we invite you to look at the full list of speakers!