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Content Advisories

Shotgun Players is equally committed to presenting challenging work and taking care of our patrons.

Content advisories are a tool to help our patrons choose how they want to engage with each play. While we have tried to cover the most common sensitivities, the lists below are not exhaustive. Some listed advisories are only briefly mentioned in the plays, whereas others are major themes of the work.

If you have any questions about these content warnings, we encourage you to call or email the box office, and we’re happy to provide more context. (510.841.6500, ext. 303 or boxoffice@shotgunplayers.org).


  • Microaggressions against African Americans
  • Discussion about racism
  • Discussion about homophobia, including homophobic slurs
  • Consensual sex acts (no nudity)


  • Discussion about the Syrian civil war (specifically sexual violence, displacement, and chemical weapons)
  • Gunshot and bomb sound effects
  • Stylized bomb imagery

Women Laughing Alone with Salad

  • Depictions of sexual acts, uterine prolapse, self-harm, stylized violence/death, emotional spousal abuse, fatphobia/body shaming, and eating disorders/bulimia
  • Theatrical water vapor cigarettes
  • Discussion about sex, pregnancy, abortion, and misogyny
  • Allusions to incest and sexual assault


  • Discussion about sex, and death by fire