30 Years in 30 Weeks!

Starting with our first season in 1992, we’ll spend each week highlighting significant moments and random memories of each season. Next up: our 1997 season that included our first production at John Hinkel Park, Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream:

"I played Puck: a big puppet with a boar's head. The puppets were made by Laura McNall and Fraz - fish with antennae with little hands on the ends, things like that. Dooley wanted to tap into the primal fear-of-nature that was an authentic part of Elizabethan culture. Fairies were grotesque and scary and mischievous. We all dressed in black and ran around the entire summer...It was hot and sunny and an endless summer." - Beth Donohue

We also produced Shakespeare's Henry V at La Val's Subterranean Theater that year:

"In 1997 I was moving furniture for a living - long, soul-crushing days. In my off time I was rehearsing Henry V. We discussed the finer points of the character and the play but we still hadn't cracked it. One day, I came home from a particularly grueling shift. I had agreed to meet Dooley and I was way too tired to do it, but didn't cancel. He showed up and I collapsed on my couch, my arms draped behind me, my head hanging on my chest. Dooley asked how my day was and I started to tell him, but I only got out a few words before he quietly said, 'This is it. This is what I want. For Henry. Right here. I looked down at myself - dirty shirt, jello-tired body covered with dried sweat, exhausted and filthy. We had turned a corner, and we never looked back." - Dylan Kussman, lead actor for Henry V

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A note from Patrick Dooley, Artistic Director

Sitting here on the floor, sifting through 30 seasons of so much stuff. Programs and posters and press releases; spiral notebooks full of sketches and schedules and lists; folders of reviews and articles and letters - lots of letters. (Remember when people wrote letters?) And pictures! Black and whites, Polaroids, negatives, slides, and color prints - in triplicates! So many scraps of paper and bits of ephemera and each one of them a record of the creations, thoughts, and dreams of the hundreds of people who helped push and pull and make and remake this theatre over the last 30 years.

We welcome you to join us in this celebration by posting or emailing us your own reflections and pictures as we fill out this collective scrap book. Follow the journey on our social media channels!

Patrick Dooley

Patrick Dooley

Founding Artistic Director

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