Haptic Tour & Live Audio Described Performance

There is a haptic tour and live audio described performance of Dream Hou$e on Saturday, August 13. The tour and presentation will last from 6:30-7 PM and the performance will start at 8 PM.

We are proud to partner with Gravity Access to provide a haptic tour and live audio description for our blind and low-vision audience members. Our August 13 performance includes a live pre-show tour that allows patrons to experience the space, performers, costumes, and objects - in addition to key movement elements in the piece - through touch, their own movement, hearing, and kinesthetic senses. Usually lasting 20 to 30 minutes and ending 30 minutes before house opening, these tours lay a multi-sensory foundation to support the audio description service and are intended to focus on access for patrons with visual impairments.

During the performance, patrons can use devices provided for free by Gravity Access to listen to a live audio description of the show.

For sighted patrons, the performance is otherwise the same as on any other evening.

If you have questions or would like assistance booking your tickets, feel free to email us at boxoffice@shotgunplayers.org or call 510.841.6500 ext. 303. We're happy to help!

Accessibility at the Ashby Stage

If you or a member of your party has vision, hearing, or mobility needs, we recommend that you read about accessibility at the Ashby Stage.

If you have questions, get in touch with us at boxoffice@shotgunplayers.org or at 510.841.6500 ext. 303