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Dry Land


“Honest, meaningful and intense”
—Emily S. Mendel | Berkeleyside
“After centuries of drama that has banished female biology and sexuality offstage, reduced them to comically bland euphemisms, prettified them, sanitized and sanctified them or rendered them in pornographic tropes designed to pleasure men, Dry Land shines the brutal light of honesty.”
—Lily Janiak | San Francisco Chronicle
“For those who demand their art to be as unflinching as their reality, Dry Land has much to offer.”
—Nicole Gluckstern | KQED
“If I had my druthers, I’d like to see Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Jeff Sessions, every member of Trump’s cabinet, and all of those self-righteous conservatives who have voted against women’s rights forced to attend a performance of Dry Land surrounded by their wives, daughters, and granddaughters.”
—George Heymont | My Cultural Landscape
“Sharply compelling, thought-provoking, and ever-so timely ”
—Eddie Reynolds | Theatre Eddys
“You have never seen a story like 'Dry Land' on stage before: Now is our time!”
—Evelyn Arevalo | THEATRIUS
“It’s a hard play at times, like adolescence is hard, but once you get through its rough terrain it’s an awfully rewarding journey.”
—Sam Hurwitt | The Mercury News
“Begins with a boom and doesn't let up”
—Emily Wilson | 48 Hills


“Ariel Craft doesn't miss a beat.”
—Nicole Gluckstern | East Bay Express
“It is gritty and raw and real”
—Daphne White | Berkeleyside