Reviews from Critics

“This love story trembles with danger and magic.”
—Lily Janiak | SF Datebook
“Bright, upbeat, contemporary entertainment, skillfully directed”
—Emily S. Mendel | Berkeleyside
“This is an intelligent, edgy, hilarious rom-com that is nothing short of a ‘must-see.’”
—Eddie Reynolds | Theatre Eddys
“Effervesces with an offbeat creativity that will lift audiences out of the doldrums as they watch its characters get swept off their feet.”
—Jim Gladstone | Bay Area Reporter
“A fast moving, complicated play”
—Carol Benet | ForAllEvents
“Sharply clever dialogue and a terrific cast in Martin’s sure-handed staging.
—Sam Hurwitt | The Mercury News
“Funny and moving, animated by great performances”
—Beau McGlasson | THEATRIUS
“The language in Elevada is contemporary and smooth as a TV movie.”
—Jeffrey Edalatpour | SFWEEKLY
“‘Elevada’ is an offbeat, multi-layered, exquisite comedy”
—Woody Weingarten | ForAllEvents

Reviews from Theatergoers

“I thought the performance produced the challenge of a budding relationship, growing through major challenges in our overwhelming technology times and resulting in a joyous ending was the best I've seen in a long time.”
“The acting, the writing, the characters I cared about every one of them.”
“The video design/stage design was fantastic.”
“Eclectic and charming!”
“Incredibly well-cast, well-directed, well-staged (set, sound, projections, soooo good!)”