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To follow up on the Ghostlight Project gathering, our artistic company, staff and board invite you to join us for a conversation about what to do next. Thanks so much to those of you who joined us on February 13th!

We have postponed the Next Steps event originally scheduled for May 15! Stay tuned for more details!

Someone emailed me this quote prior to our first event:

"Artistic work is aesthetics. So if anesthesia is about putting you to sleep, aesthetics is about waking you up. I think art is about waking ourselves up, waking up parts of our humanity that have fallen asleep, or are dead—or waking up other folks who realize the humanity of folks that are being dehumanized. That’s one of the most powerful tools that art can have. It can be many things. It can be a tool for healing; it can be a weapon; it can be the tip of the spear; it can be many things. Art is being an alarm clock right now to wake us up to the reality of what’s happening and the urgent need for us to actually come together and take action to stop the direction the country, and ultimately the world, is moving toward in the hands of those who’ve risen to power.”    Bryonn Bain (from interview in TruthDig blog)
What did we do at our February event?
We broke out into four groups to talk about these questions:
1.     Why are we here?
2.     What inspired/provoked you to take action?
3.     What does action mean to you?
4.     What role can the arts/Shotgun play in this time?

One of our action items: by May 4th we will have postcards at our theatre for you to send to your local, state, or national representatives to take a stand for the arts! To read the full notes from our February 13th event please click here!


Patrick Dooley
artistic director