Written by Sarah Burgess

Directed by Joanie McBrien

May 16–June 22, 2019


New member of congress, Sydney Millsap, sees how money corrupts politics, and she’s on a mission to do something about it. Just imagine how a career senator and two ambitious lobbyists react to her efforts! Kings is a whip-smart political satire that will inspire you to change the system. And vote.

Run time: Two hours, plus a 15-minute intermission


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“Every once in a while, you look at a cast and creative team and think, 'Oh, yes.' [...] Actors Sam Jackson, Sarah Mitchell, Elissa Beth Stebbins and Don Wood are some of the most reliable in the bay. You can’t imagine any of them striking a false or halfhearted note. Now this dream team comes together at Shotgun Players for another show about a moral dilemma."
—Lily Janiak | Datebook


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