“Coming at a time when some freshman members of Congress are publicly trying to unveil some of Washington’s dirty little secrets, Kings isn’t just timely — it’s practically a duty of well-informed citizenship.”
—Sam Hurwitt | Oakland Magazine
“Every once in a while, you look at a cast and creative team and think, 'Oh, yes.' [...] Actors Sam Jackson, Sarah Mitchell, Elissa Beth Stebbins and Don Wood are some of the most reliable in the bay. You can’t imagine any of them striking a false or halfhearted note. Now this dream team comes together at Shotgun Players for another show about a moral dilemma.”
—Lily Janiak | San Francisco Chronicle
“Intelligent and tightly written dark comedy”
—Emily S. Mendel | Berkeleyside
“Burgess' script is rich in researched details, and the show's purest pleasures are almost documentary.”
—Jim Gladstone | Bay Area Reporter
“Earnest political satire”
—Jeffrey Edalatpour | SFWEEKLY
“A winning ticket”
—Eddy Reynolds | Theatre Eddys
"By electing smart Progressive women, we can finally make change happen! Kings reminds us, powerfully, that backroom deals must be forced out into the light."
—Evelyn Arevalo | Theatrius
—Victor Cordell | ForAllEvents
“Burgess’s writing crackles with the kind of intelligence, insider knowledge, and attention to detail that made Aaron Sorkin’s contributions to The West Wing so powerful.”
—George Heymony | My Cultural Landscape
“Hugely entertaining”
—Robert Hall | The Piedmont Post