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“Getting your assumptions tested and corrected — can be infinitely richer than an easy laugh”
—Lily Janiak | San Francisco Chronicle
“The playwright has taken a subject difficult and devastating and found a way to make a powerfully positive statement about what happens when artists do all they can to get it right”
—Eddie Reynolds | Theatre Eddys
“Interesting and offbeat”
—Victor Cordell | ForAllEvents
“An unquestionably phenomenal play”
—Malini Ramaiyer | The Daily Californian
“Playwright Calderón has delivered, clearly and cleverly”
—Jim Gladstone | Bay Area Reporter
“The play builds and develops a rich language capable of expressing strange anxieties and philosophical positions of real complexity”
—John Wilkins | The Free Audience
—Kelsey Severson | THEATRIUS
“Strong artists”
—George Heymont | My Cultural Landscape
“A powerful production that deftly mixes hilarity with emotional gut punches and much needed wake-up calls.”
—Sam Hurwitt | The Mercury News
—Robert Hall | Piedmont Post


“Even though cross-cultural communication may be impossible to do perfectly, that theater makers and artists are thoughtfully trying to do it anyway. They are pushing themselves and their understanding that theater, with it’s live nature, is uniquely able to create understanding in the simplest of ways,” Odcikin said. “And that’s the fun thing about the play is that it makes fun of us — as liberal, well-meaning theater makers in the U.S. who want to help. But (it) also empowers us, encourages us to fight the good fight, even if we are going to make some mistakes along the way.”
—Malini Ramaiyer | The Daily Californian