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We believe art is essential to a healthy and humane society.

Patrick Dooley

That includes making sure our artists are also healthy! We’re creating a Shotgun Players Fair Wage Fund so we can nearly double artists’ salaries in 2020. If artists can’t afford to live in the Bay Area, we all lose.

But that’s not all. Making great art is foremost on our minds, but we also want to make the Ashby Stage more welcoming for everyone’s needs. That is why we have a bold, ambitious renovation plan for increased accessibility, a wider lobby, state of the art assistive listening devices, a new air conditioning system, AND upgrades for our theatrical lights and sound system! Plus SO much more.

The GREAT news is that (thanks to some visionary supporters!) we’ve already raised 80% of our 1.8 million dollar goal! We are SO CLOSE! Now we are in the grassroots phase to close the gap. Every dollar will make a difference. If everyone chips in — even a bit — we can build a better future for our artists, and a better experience for everyone who enters the Ashby Stage.

Let’s do this!

Patrick Dooley
Founding Artistic Director

Donations to Shotgun Players are fully tax deductible. Our nonprofit tax ID number is 94-3265879.


Donor Benefits

Accomplices $50

We proudly list your name on our website.

Conspirators $75

We proudly list your name on our website and in our programs.

Instigators $150

All of the above plus: your very own Shotgun Players mug!

Provocateurs $290

(We turn 29 this year. So $290 is just $10 for each year!)

All of the above plus: a special invitation to our renovation party! Join us for drinks and hors d’oeuvres as we swing the hammers and get started on the renovation.

Mavericks $500

All of the above plus: celebrate the improved Ashby Stage with your own bottle of bubbly at a performance of your choice!

The Fearless $1,250

All of the above plus: Shotgun’s literary canon and season announcement party. You will receive a copy of each script plus a photo of the cast and crew. You’ll also receive an invitation to our season announcement party where you’ll be the first to see scenes from our 2021 season.

Dynamos $2,500

All of the above plus: an invitation to attend a dress rehearsal for the production of your choice!


Ways to Donate

1. On Our Website


2. By PayPal Donate

PayPal donate button

3. By Check or Phone

Mail a check (payable to Shotgun Players) to:

Shotgun Players
1901 Ashby Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94703

To make a donation over the phone, please call our box office at 510.841.6500 ext. 303.

Donors to the Artist (AND AUDIENCE) Campaign

Barbara Anderson & Gordon Silvera
Susan Aumiller
Erin Badillo
Bill & Susan Bagnell
Vonn Bair
Michelle L Barbour
Tracy Baxter
Norm Berzon & Janet Hinze
Jessica Broitman
Stephen Brown
Holly Brownscombe
Kathy Bruin
Lisa Bullwinkel & Tim Volz
Jacob Burnim
Cameron & Einar Sunde
Emily Carroll
Janis & Jeffrey Chan
Jean Circiello
Ronald Clyman & Francoise Murray
Amy Cohen
Bruce Colman
Wendy Cosin
Thomas & Jane Coulter
Christine Cziko & Richard Sterling
Diane Davenport & Sayre Van Young
Peggy De Coursey & Larry Long
Kathleen Derrig
Wendy & George Draper
Tony Drummond
Jeannie Duisenberg
Adrian Elfenbaum
A. Grant Elliot & Sharon Elliot
Mary Eaton Fairfield
Sandra Falk
Ann Finkelstein
Brigitte & Louis Fisher
Karen & Hartmut Fokken
Gordon & Barbara Frassinelli
Michael & Katie Frassinelli
Nancy Friedman & Terry Hill
Hal & Pat Gelb
Dr. Sarah Gill
Jo & Michael Golub
Rachel Goodhue & Leo Simon
Gary Goodman & Jack Appleyard

Mohit Gourisaria
Jo Gray
Claude Gruen
Pamela Haenke-Clark
Larry Hanover
Maureen Hawk
Lyndsey & Matt Heaton
Irene Heller
Kenneth Hempel
Richard & Valerie Herr
Hilary Hesse
Carol Hirth
Al Hoffman & David Shepherd
Elisabeth Houseman
Zara Houshman
Paula Hughmanick & Steven Berger
Naomi Janowitz & Andrew Lazarus
Frank John
Carolyn Jones
Karin Saginor & Abbe Kalos
Joe Kane
Sandra Keith & Bob Shephard
Jane & Tom Kelly
Martin & Linda Kelp
Coralie Kenton
Max Knott
Connie Krosney
Catherine Lerza
Jemma Lester
Heidi Lopez
Tom & Carol Lustenader
Linda Maio
Jane Maxwell
David & Ellen McCaig
Sheila McCormick & Paul Herzmark
Lynn MacDonald
Bill & Jane Neilson
Russell Nelson
Janet Netz
Janice Nieder
Jennifer Norris
Djuna Odegard
Ginger Ogle & Wayne Christopher
Anne Ogonowski
Susanne Olson
Kristi Panik & David Presti
Ron & Teresa Parodi
Stephanie & Charles Peters
Mark C Peters
Henri Picciotto & Irva Hertz Picciotto
Sally Picciotto
Sue & Les Polgar
Tara Potterveld

Jack & Jessica Powell
Noam & Mindy Ragins
Natalie Reeder
Eddie Reynolds
Richard Reynolds
Andrew Rivera
Deborah Robbins & Henry Navas
Elizabeth Rogers
Pepi Ross & Jason Marks
John & Michele Ruskin
Gretchen Saeger
Maggie & Paul Salop
Scott Sanders & Moana Newman
Soren Santos
Laura Scheflow
Stanley & Miriam Schiffman
Pat & Merrill Shanks
Gae & Melvin Shulman
Sherry Smith
Don Smith & Jane Mickelson
Jeffrey Smith
Carol Solomon
Anita Stapen & Richard Granberg
Kenny Stone
Ragesh Tangri & Daralyn Durie
Mike Thomas
Bibi Tiphane
The Tournesol Project
Stephen Van Meter
Rhett & Ruby Varnadore
Patrick Vaz
Jon Wagner & Lynne Hollingsworth
Mark Wasserman & Judy Freeman
Richard & Kate West
Tamara White
Judith Wilber & Bob Miller
Ward & Susan Willats
Jim Ahrens & Anne Wolf
Rebecca Woolis
Miki Yamamoto
Marlene Yarosh
Bess Zimmerman