Make a Difference (M.A.D.) Program

M.A.D. Tickets!

M.A.D. Tickets

How did all of us first fall in love with theatre? By seeing a play! Because high ticket prices can be a barrier to young folks, Shotgun offers $7 MAD tickets (less than a movie!) to anyone 25 and younger. Last year we sold nearly 1,500 single tickets—almost 10% of our whole audience.

Also, keep an eye out for our M.A.D. nights where we give out free pizza and beer (21+!) to any M.A.D. ticket holders in the house!

M.A.D. Fellows!

M.A.D. Fellows

We give many young people their first paycheck in theatre by offering valuable work experience collaborating with and receiving mentorship from professionals from our artistic, administrative, and production teams. M.A.D. fellows have gone on to professional design gigs, continued their educations, and some return to Shotgun as staff!

Applications are currently closed!

M.A.D. Start-Ups!

M.A.D. Start-Ups

Shotgun is eager to support fledgling companies because we appreciate how important they are to a healthy arts ecosystem. Whether it’s work-trade for rehearsal/performance space or advice on how to write a press release or build a budget, Shotgun is here for young artists.

Our M.A.D. Coordinator will be happy to assist you with information about guidance or work-trade opportunities.

Let’s Make a Difference!

Leigh Rondon-Davis, M.A.D. Program Coordinator / C.S.R.S. Coordinator

Leigh Rondon-Davis, M.A.D. Program Coordinator / C.S.R.S. Coordinator

Dear Friend,

In the past few years, we’ve seen huge social movements and major shifts in politics created and led by students and young people: Black Lives Matter, March for our Lives, Youth Climate Strike. Our 116th congress is the youngest and most diverse ever elected! To ignore the next generation and all of their brilliance would be a huge disservice to all of us—they’ve got some big things in store for the world.

This MAD month of May, I write to you to ask for your support for Shotgun’s Make a Difference Program. From young audiences to creators, Shotgun strives to provide a home for the next generation, well, because they’ll be the ones making things happen!

Making theater accessible to young folks is the main mission of the M.A.D. Program. Since 2016, we have almost doubled the number of M.A.D. subscriptions ($40 subscriptions for anyone who is 25 or younger!), and our $7 M.A.D. ticket sales continue to increase. Over 1,500 tickets were sold last season and this year we’re on track to sell even more! Shotgun’s dedication to social relevance and community engagement means that MAD ticket buyers are able to be a part of the conversation without breaking the bank.

We’re also able to keep theater accessible through our work trade and start-up initiatives. Our beautiful rehearsal space on University Avenue has now become a home for over ten young theater companies and performance groups. Work trade opportunities mean that artists don’t have to make the choice between compensating themselves and paying for an expensive venue; in fact, Shotgun couldn’t have started 27 years ago without the support of people like you - and cheap rehearsal and performance space in the basement of the La Val’s pizzeria!

I have personally benefited from Shotgun’s accessibility and was a fellow before we even had a fellowship! I learned hands on about stage management from brilliant mentors, and when I realized that wasn’t the career for me, Shotgun gave me the opportunity to explore what I was really passionate about in the company of some truly incredible people. In my years here, I’ve performed, helped with season planning, and am doing dramaturgy on my second production, Kill Move Paradise. Don’t just take it from me; three years into our fellowships, we have eleven alums doing incredible things all over the country and six new fellows joining the community!

Theater as an art form can’t continue without people who make it and view it. Shotgun began as group of young folks doing what they loved, and, after all of the opportunities received throughout our existence, we’re paying it forward! Help us support the next generation and keep the Make A Difference program going strong for many years to come.



All donations to Shotgun Players are tax deductible. Our nonprofit tax ID number is 94-3265879.

Make a Difference is generously supported by a grant from the Sam Mazza Foundation.

Meet our 2019 M.A.D. Fellows!