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Make a Difference

Make a Difference (M.A.D.) Program

M.A.D. Tickets!

M.A.D. Tickets

How did all of us first fall in love with theatre? By seeing a play! Because high ticket prices can be a barrier to young folks, Shotgun offers $7 MAD tickets (less than a movie!) to anyone 25 and younger. Last year we sold nearly 1,500 single tickets—almost 10% of our whole audience.

Also, keep an eye out for our M.A.D. nights where we give out free pizza and beer (21+!) to any M.A.D. ticket holders in the house!

M.A.D. Fellows!

M.A.D. Fellows

We give many young people their first paycheck in theatre by offering valuable work experience collaborating with and receiving mentorship from professionals from our artistic, administrative, and production teams. M.A.D. fellows have gone on to professional design gigs, continued their educations, and some return to Shotgun as staff!


M.A.D. Start-Ups!

M.A.D. Start-Ups

Shotgun is eager to support fledgling companies because we appreciate how important they are to a healthy arts ecosystem. Whether it’s work-trade for rehearsal/performance space or advice on how to write a press release or build a budget, Shotgun is here for young artists.

Our M.A.D. Coordinator will be happy to assist you with information about guidance or work-trade opportunities.

Let’s Make a Difference!

Leigh Rondon-Davis, M.A.D. Program Coordinator / C.S.R.S. Coordinator

Leigh Rondon-Davis, M.A.D. Program Coordinator / C.S.R.S. Coordinator

Dear Friend,

For the second year in a row, we hired a new cohort of young theatre-makers for our Make a Difference (M.A.D.) program fellowships! This year, we welcomed five new fellows in artistic direction, stage management, costume, and set design opportunities. From managing our general auditions, to designing lettuce leaf props, our 2018 fellows have been very busy!

In other M.A.D. news, M.A.D. ticket orders continue to pour in, and over 1,200 folks who are 25 or younger came to see our shows for one of the best prices in the Bay. M.A.D. pizza night is going strong, as we continue to build a community of young artists and audiences over pizza and beer.

We’re asking you to reflect on the amazing growth of the program over the last few years, and then invest in its future because it’s generous folks like you who make it all possible. Whether you’ve been with Shotgun from the early days in La Val’s and John Hinkle Park or you’ve just bought your first ticket, we can all be a part of something truly inspiring with a donation of any amount towards Shotgun’s Make a Difference program. The way I see it, we all win!



All donations to Shotgun Players are tax deductible. Our nonprofit tax ID number is 94-3265879.

Make a Difference is generously supported by a grant from the Sam Mazza Foundation.

Meet our 2018 M.A.D. Fellows!