Performances start July 20, 2024

Post-show Conversations: Thursdays and Sundays

Live-Streamed Performance: August 8

MAD Night: August 1

Haptic Tour & Audio Description Night: August 4

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PRODUCTION SPONSORS: Pepi Ross & Jason Marks, Ann Shannon, Richard & Kate West, Jon Wagner & Lynne Hollingsworth

SEASON SPONSORS: Richard Nelson & Janice Berman, Don Kaufman, Craig & Kathy Moody, Russell Nelson, Les & Sue Polgar, Ragesh Tangri & Daralyn Durie, Bibi Tiphane


Five people named Betty clash and connect in this queer fantasia of riotous self-discovery, smeared with sex, rage and solidarity! Can a dinner party, a hand mirror, and a play within a play be the keys for turning solitude into understanding? Even happiness? This play is a wildly raw, comic exploration of the human heart, and other body parts.

“A fult-tilt lesbian / bi-curious / genderqueer / Shakespearean comedy for everyone" - NY Times



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