“The theatrical equivalent of losing your virginity”
—Lily Janiak | San Francisco Chronicle
“Hysterically funny”
—Carol Benet | ForAllEvents
“Sharp and hilarious… It's message is so right on”
—Sam Hurwitt | The Mercury News
“Sheila Callaghan’s fresh and wise dialog is snappy and feisty and right to the point, delving into the deep absurdities of our cultural biases around sex and gender and, even more, how those biases are cultivated and preserved.”
—Jaime Robles | Repeat Performances
“You’ll be talking about the play and asking questions when you leave the theater.”
—Emily S. Mendel | Berkeleyside
“Playwright Sheila Callaghan and director Susannah Martin throw us into a fabulist underworld”
—Svea Vikander | THEATRIUS
“A delicious, hilarious romp through contemporary gender roles and sexism as defined by our corporate culture”
—Steve Murray | ForAllEvents
“High-energy romp”
—Jeffrey Edalatpour | SFWEEKLY
“In-your-face satirical intensity”
—Nils Jepson | The Daily Californian
“A twisted combination of farce and drama that’s strangely moving”
—John Wilkins | The Free Audience
“The acting in the play is superb”
—Victor Cordell | ForAllEvents
“A fierce gender farce”
—George Heymont | My Cultural Landscape


“Women have to be 100 different kinds of women to be successful, and men only have to be one kind—assertive and dominant.” —Sheila Callaghan, Women Laughing Alone With Salad Playwright
—Emily Wilson | 48 Hills