Over our decades of making local theatre The Shotgun Players have come across some great performers from the Bay Area's delicious subculture: solo artists, comedians, and wildly innovative performance collectives to name a few. It hasn't always been easy to find a place for these inspiring performers in our mainstage season, but sometimes we have available nights and the bar is always open!

This summer Shotgun presents some bonus programming that combines the intriguing work of these exciting theatre artists into a month-long showcase from July 23 - August 19.

Welcome to the Shotgun Summer Salon!


Mrs. Winchester, or, A Gun in the First Act -
A National Delivery Live Engagement

Saturday, August 19 at 8 PM

Written and Staged by Joe Christiano
Performed by Lisa Morse

Guns, grief, and ghosts. In a sprawling mansion of her own design, Sarah Winchester navigates a complex legacy: she's lost everything of value  - her husband, her child - and gained a fortune. Her net worth can be measured in dollars... or blood. The confounding splendor of her new California home invites wonder and rumor. But one night, before the legends harden into the draw for a tourist attraction, the heiress of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company gives a personal tour of her "conspicuous dwelling" with its "nooks of regret" and "corridors of consolation" for a few lucky guests. Be among them.


Runtime: 70 minutes no intermission.