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Talk It Out Tuesdays [FREE EVENTS]

Based on your feedback, we’re beginning a new series that opens the door for a deeper discussion into the themes and aesthetics of our plays. We welcome you to listen and observe or bring your insight to these moderated conversations hosted by a panel of artists and thinkers. Each discussion will last roughly 75 minutes.

Please note that there are no Talk it out Tuesday events for The Flick and Elevada.

Kill Move Paradise

Kill Move Paradise

August 6, 7pm

The systematic dehumanization and degradation of black Americans is our nation’s original sin. We can turn things around, but it’s going to take all of us. Join this spirited and important discussion about how we all need to participate in this solution.

Vinegar Tom

Vinegar Tom

January 7, 7pm

Join director Barbara Damashek, local authors, and actors from the production plot drive a stake in the heart of toxic masculinity and the dominant paradigm. On the way we’ll discuss the politics of sex and poverty in Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom and modern America.