Reviews from Critics

"Tim Cowbury’s prickly script is working exactly as intended...Director Rebecca Novick shapes these non-interactions as a symphony conductor might..."
- Lily Janiak | San Francisco Chronicle
"The Claim is a sharp and thought-provoking play with a poignant and powerful message."
- Emily Mendel | Berkeleyside
"Incredibly timely, chock full of witty wordplay and wonderfully acted, The Claim elicits chuckles but leaves you shaking your head in despair."
- Steve Murray | Broadway World
"an intriguing ponderance on refugee status and a fine showcase for the return of Shotgun"
- Charles Lewis III | 48 Hills
" provokes and entertains...theatergoers who enjoy absurdism should find this very much to their liking."
- Victor Cordell | For All Events
“Kenny Scott’s outstanding performance acts as a much-needed anchor through our surreal journey. Scott masterfully captures Serge’s emotional transition...”
- Jordan Freed | Theatrius

Reviews from Theatergoers

“The play was engaging, funny, thoughtful and thought-provoking. The performances by all three cast members were truly breathtaking. A masterful production that does justice to the tragedy it depicts.”
“Friday’s performance was over the top confounding, infuriating and amazing. Uncomfortable and profound, the way good theater creates discussion into the next day. Bravo!”
“Important subject movingly performed.”
“Excellent acting, compelling content, great production.”
“It was smart and funny and really moving...very stimulating to be back in a theater, watching talented actors perform such an intelligent script.”
“The acting was outstanding. All three of the characters were vivid but never stereotypes...the script was smart, entertaining, and insightful.”