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Reviews from Critics

"...two excellent actors...the closest we’re likely to come to a real stage production...visceral, immediate...a particularly intense theatrical experience."
- Jean Schiffman | San Francisco Examiner
"The multiple camera angles, long hallway shots, and split screen views create cinematic effects–a technological feat...The Light is well worth viewing, and especially worth further discussion."
- Patricia Morin | Theatrius
"Rondon-Davis keeps Genesis literally and figuratively grounded and human. Their performance is definitely the highlight of the production."
- Charles Lewis III | The Thinking Man's Idiot
"Not your typical holiday fare...an uplifting denouement that provides hope for not just this couple, but for society at large."
- Steve Murray | Broadway World

Reviews from Theatergoers

“Such a powerful piece of theater! And I can't understate how awesome it was to see two actors in a room together!”
“The closest thing to live theater that I've attended since the shutdown....production was great, the acting was exceptional...”
"...rich and edgy..."
"Powerful script. Well acted and directed."