The Niceties

Now extended through July 18!

By Eleanor Burgess

Directed by Leigh Rondon-Davis

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A Black student (Zoe) and her White professor (Janine) meet to discuss a paper about slavery’s effect on the American Revolution. What begins as a polite academic debate of perspectives at a liberal arts college explodes into an intergenerational clash to define “truth" when history is up for grabs.

Run time: 2 hours, including one intermission

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How to see The Niceties

To see our livestreamed performances of The Niceties, choose your preferred date below. Please note that all the times are in Pacific Daylight Time.

Tickets are offered on a pay-what-you-can scale. All proceeds go towards paying the artists, production team, and Shotgun staff members. We understand that COVID-19 has affected many people's financial situation, so you can enter the promotional code HISTORY on the seat selection page to access $0 tickets.

After you purchase your ticket, you will receive an email receipt with a link to the Zoom performance. The virtual waiting room will open 30 minutes prior to the performance. We strongly recommend you arrive early so that we have time to assist you if you have any technical difficulties.

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Post-show discussions

Stick around after each performance for a post-show conversation, hosted by members of the Shotgun Players' community: Cathleen Riddley, Maya Herbsman, Linda Girón, and Joanie McBrien.

The Niceties begins as an academic debate between a white professor and a Black student. As the play continues the racial divide becomes disturbingly apparent. There are contrasting perspectives on history, on values, on society.

To explore the many layers of the play, we will begin the post show conversations in affinity groups for Black, white, and Non-Black People of Color, and then return to a larger group for share-outs and further discussion. We acknowledge people may identify with more than one group! After the show join the group that most influences your perception of the play. Click here to learn more about affinity groups in racial justice work.

Why affinity groups? Our goal is to offer a community discussion that begins with providing a safer space for each group to speak openly about their experiences, especially for persons of color. Affinity groups are helpful for people who may not feel safe in the larger community because they are in the numerical minority. During affinity group meetings, people can share freely and without inhibition about their experiences. This way, each group can begin a robust, open conversation. Then we will all come back together to share more about our reactions to the play.


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