Dry Land

Written by Ruby Rae Spiegel

Directed by Ariel Craft

May 17–June 23, 2018


Amy and Ester are teammates on a suburban Florida high school swim team. Ester is aiming for a scholarship. Amy just wants to get through an unwanted pregnancy. The New York Times describes Dry Land: “this portrait of an unlikely friendship under uncommon pressure is tender, caustic, funny and harrowing… Ms. Spiegel demonstrates an uncanny gift for presenting the unavoidable messiness of being young.”

Running time: 1 hour 40 minutes with no intermission

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Press release

Content Advisory: Dry Land features one character's pursuit to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Patrons with questions and concerns about content are encouraged to contact the Shotgun Players box office at 510.841.6500 ext. 303.


Reviews & Features

“Honest, meaningful and intense”
—Emily S. Mendel | Berkeleyside
“After centuries of drama that has banished female biology and sexuality offstage, reduced them to comically bland euphemisms, prettified them, sanitized and sanctified them or rendered them in pornographic tropes designed to pleasure men, Dry Land shines the brutal light of honesty.”
—Lily Janiak | San Francisco Chronicle
“For those who demand their art to be as unflinching as their reality, Dry Land has much to offer.”
—Nicole Gluckstern | KQED

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