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  • 2017 SEASON
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In our ongoing effort to explore and present the most exciting and relevant plays possible, Shotgun breathes life into these new and rarely produced works. 
We give our actors just enough staging and tech to get started and then we let adrenaline do the rest!
This year we've selected five stunning scripts to complement our subscription season and  inspire impassioned conversation.
The reading series is supported exclusively by individual contributions. 

Support the Champagne Reading Series to get these great benefits:

★ A glass of champagne at each of the four remaining readings
★ A reserved premium seat
★ The satisfaction that you're a vital part of our efforts to discover incredible plays


The 2017 Champagne Staged Reading Series

Women Laughing Alone with Salad 
Written by Sheila Callaghan 
Directed by Trish Mulholland 
April 17 & 18 
Two Cities  
A new adaptation by Geetha Reddy 
Directed by Jon Tracy 
July 10 & 11 
The Niceties 
Written by Eleanor Burgess 
Directed by Leigh Rondon-Davis 
August 28 & 29 

Written by Guillermo Calderón  
Directed by Katja Rivera 
October 16 & 17 
Collective Rage
Written by Jen Silverman  
Directed by Brady Brophy-Hilton 
January 8 & 9 

Series Coordinators
Leigh Rondon-Davis & Michelle Talgarow
Series Sponsors
Mark Chaitkin  & Cecilia Storr, Kathleen Kahn, Richard Nelson & Jan Berman, Stanley & Miriam Schiffman,
Jon Wagner & Lynne Hollingsworth, Tamara White