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Make a Difference (MAD)

Make a Difference > Meet our MAD Fellows - Quinci WallerLouisa Mascuch, Emma Levine, Allison Sugabo

How do you first fall in love with theatre? By seeing a play!

We know high ticket prices can be a barrier to young folks. So Shotgun offers $5 MAD tickets to anyone 25 and younger. Last year we sold nearly 1,500 M.A.D. tickets, almost 10% of our audience.

"Being given the opportunity to attend Shotgun performances reaffirmed my drive for theatre. They have shown me that theatre could be used as a tool to convey ideas that many other mediums cannot."
—Dominic, Laney College student

Getting paid instills a sense of pride and deepens connection to your work.

We give many young people their first paycheck in theatre by offering valuable work experience in design, production management, and administration.

"At Shotgun, I've done a little bit of practically everything - from painting and sewing, to shadowing directors at rehearsals and giving input, to helping manage casting, literary research and participating in conversations about selecting plays."
—Emma, former student at Head Royce School, currently enrolled at Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

Shotgun Players is paying it forward to entrepreneurial young artists.

In addition to offering an opportunity to see what it's like running a company, we provide mentorships along with work trades for rehearsal and performance space.

"You don't get a lot of theatres who will open their arms and welcome people the way that Shotgun does. This program gives opportunities to students like myself to see and learn how to build community with theatre."
—Rolanda, Fusion Theatre.

Meet Our M.A.D. Fellows

From left to right: Justine Law (Scenic, Blasted); Louisa Mascuch (Costumes, brownsville song); Allison Sugabo (Administration);  Production: Emma Levine; Leigh Rondon-Davis (M.A.D. Coordinator); Quinci Waller (Artistic)