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A ticket is a ticket, is a ticket, is a ticket.
That being said, not all tickets are the same here at Shotgun Players!


THE REGULAR TICKET is by far the most popular and self-explanatory ticket. Regular tickets are priced dynamically and range between $20 - $50. Prices generally go up during the run of a production, so come early in the run if you want to save money on tickets! Regular tickets are available online and at the door for all performances on or after Opening Night. Tickets can be purchased at the door in CASH ONLY on the night of the performance, an hour before showtime, subject to availability. If a show is sold out, there's still a chance that we can get you in! The wait list starts an hour before curtain time. 

For tickets before Opening Night, please see the Pay What You Can ticket below!

The Pay-What-You-Can-Ticket only comes out to play during Previews (i.e. performances before Opening Night). These tickets are genuine to their name: you can pay $1 or $100 – the choice is yours! If you’re looking for the national average, it’s about $15.
THE $5 M.A.D. ("Make a Difference") TICKET
We love introducing young people to theater and will do whatever we can to get you through the door! If you are 25 years old or younger, you can see a show for just five dollars. If you're planning ahead, you can reserve online for any Thursday performance and select the MAD ticket when choosing seats. We only offer 25 of these $5 tickets for reservation every Thursday, so be sure to book well in advance! You can also show up at the theater an hour before showtime for any performance and get a ticket if the show's not sold out. If you walk up, keep in mind that it is a CASH ONLY ticket and is based on availability.  MAD TICKET PURCHASERS MUST ARRIVE TO THEATER WITH ID IN HAND!

MAD tickets are usually not available for extension week performances. Contact the box office at boxoffice@shotgunplayers.org or 510.841.6500 x303. 
If you've worked on a production in the performing arts in the last year, bring us a screen shot with your name on it to get a $20 ticket to any show! You can reserve these tickets in advance by booking online using the promo code CALLBOARD, or by contacting the box office at boxoffice@shotgunplayers.org or 510.841.6500 x303.
Planning your next family reunion? School field trip? Tech industry outing? Nothing says memorable quite like a night at the theater! We would be happy to extend a $3 discount per ticket on groups of 10 or more. If you like to plan in advance, and you play your cards right, you could even rent out the whole theater. Bringing a school group? You save 25% on the listed ticket price. For group tickets, make your reservation by contacting the Box Office directly at 510.841.6500x303

Subscriber tickets are, simply put, the hottest tickets at Shotgun. These are the  tickets that  get all the perks –online access to the best seats, first dibs on performances, no ticket exchange fees for changes make more than 24 hours before their chosen performance, plus a lil’ extra love from The Box Office. Like your favorite pair of jeans, the Subscriber Ticket looks good on everyone. Learn more.

THE EARLY SIGN-UP COMP TICKET for early subscribers
If you became a subscriber early in the season, you will receive a free bonus ticket to bring a friend! These lucky subscribers know who they are, and their Early Sign-Up tickets are automatically added to their online accounts.

These tickets can only be redeemed during the original run of a performance, and are not applicable for extensions.
A small group of incredible people sign up to be Production Sponsors for each of our six shows every year. One of the great many benefits of being a Production Sponsor is the ability to bring friends with you for free on Opening Night and show them your unique flare for the extracurricular. Find out more about getting ahold of these rare Production Sponsor Tickets here.

Whew, that was a lot... and we still have just a bit more:

The only way to place a reservation for a confirmed seat is to pay in full by credit card in advance. There is a $2 credit card fee per ticket here at Shotgun Players – no exceptions. This $2 is not going towards our future underground, speakeasy bar tab (we wish). This $2 is going directly back to the ticketing software that makes our Box Office tick!

Questions, comments, concerns? First take a look over our Ticket Policy here – or send Amy a line at boxoffice@shotgunplayers.org!