Content Advisories

Shotgun Players is equally committed to presenting challenging work and taking care of our patrons.

Content advisories are a tool to help our patrons choose how they want to engage with each play. While we have tried to cover the most common sensitivities, the lists below are not exhaustive. Some listed advisories are only briefly mentioned in the plays, whereas others are major themes of the work.

If you have any questions about these content advisories, we encourage you to call or email the box office, and we’re happy to provide more context. (510.841.6500, ext. 303 or

Passing Strange

Passing Strange

Passing Strange is a musical about a young Black artist and bohemian, charting a course for “the real” through sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. Like many coming-of-age stories, the play shows a young person learning about drugs and sex. In addition, this play is centrally about being a young Black person navigating the world, and centralizes their joys and struggles.

Passing Strange includes:

  • References to slavery, racism, minstrelsy, and lynching
  • Realistic depictions of corporal punishment (a mother slapping her child)
  • Depictions of homophobia
  • References to sexuality, including stylized depictions of sex
  • Realistic depictions of recreational and medicinal use of marijuana cigarettes
  • Reference to the death of a parent

A Small Fire

A Small Fire

A Small Fire is about a middle-aged woman, the head of a construction company, who has fraught relationships with those around her, including her daughter, husband, and her employee. In facing an incurable illness, her relationships change and deepen.

A Small Fire includes:

  • Realistic depictions of sex and sexuality, including possible nudity in silhouette
  • Realistic depictions of family discord, with the use of profanity
  • Realistic depiction of long-term, incurable physical illness
  • Discussion about the AIDS epidemic and the death of life partners

Dream Hou$e

Dream Hou$e

Dream Hou$e explores the relationship two Latinx sisters have to their familial home, their shared history, and to each other. The play is a dark comedy that explores gentrification, capitalism, and America’s obsession with home makeover television.

Dream Hou$e includes:

  • Realistic depictions of microaggressions and racism against Latinx characters
  • Descriptions of colonial land-theft, displacement, and violence
  • Descriptions of long-term illness, death, and the dying process
  • Intense stylized depictions of humiliation, threats of violence, and sexual harrasment

Man of God

Man of God

Inspired by a real-life incident at a Christian mission in Southeast Asia, Man of God play delves into the lives of four young women who are exploited and sexually objectified as victims of hidden camera pornography at the hands of their minister.

Man of God includes:

  • Realistic depictions of abuse at the hands of a religious authority figure and pedophilia, sexual harrasment, and non-consensual pornography
  • Graphic descriptions of sex, with the use of profanity
  • Stylized depictions of violence in a fantasy scene
  • Realistic depictions of misogyny and sexism

The Great Comet

Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812

Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 takes one chapter of Tolstoy’s War and Peace and expands it into a rock opera. True to the tradition of classic Russian literature, there is a plethora of explosive emotion, angst, alcohol, and longing.

Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812 includes:

  • Realistic depictions of body hatred and fatphobia, sexism, and misogyny
  • Realistic depictions of racism and xenophobia, and a derogatory term for Romani people is used
  • Realistic depictions of violence
  • Realistic depictions of addiction, mental illness, and self-harm, and a suicide attempt
  • Realistic depictions of verbal abuse between a father and a child