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Art in the time of Coronavirus

Perhaps you, like us, are getting tired of scrolling through Netflix, have just finished that 1,000 piece puzzle, or just miss having live theatre in your life.

We can't provide live theatre at the moment, but we can definitely provide art! Below is a collection of Shotgun performances, past and present. All are free unless otherwise specified.

Before you jump in, we ask that you consider making a donation to Shotgun Players for the amount you might pay for a ticket. Your donation helps us keep the mortgage (and our artists & staff) paid as we wait until it's safe for us to re-open our doors.

A Sonnet a Day

Shakespeare wrote 154 of these. Hopefully, this crisis will be over before we finish getting through them all. In any event, we thought this would be a nice way for all of us to stay connected.

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Little Theater, Big Podcast

In the coming weeks and months, we'll be featuring artist interviews and audio recordings of plays and scenes on our new podcast. You can use the following podcast feed to download all our episodes conveniently in iTunes or the podcatcher of your choice:


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Recordings of Past Productions



Directed by Mark Jackson & Beth Wilmurt

Originally performed in March - April 2019


Yes Yes To Moscow

Yes Yes to Moscow

Directed by Mark Jackson and Sommer Ulrickson


Support Shotgun Players

Since having to close, patrons have asked how they can be of best help. The best way to ensure that we're able to make it through this extraordinary period is to donate to the theater . Any amount is hugely appreciated and goes a long way in ensuring we can make art for years to come. DONATE