Saturday, February 24 at 8 PM

Presented by Klanghaus

Prose & Confluence is a newly devised musical by Max Abner and Teddy Hulsker. The story follows the attempts of the River Hermit and his mischievous Water Boy, a corporeal manifestation of the hermit’s grief, to connect, process and heal from loss through music. The show provides an immersive experience that bridges the gap between rich musical landscapes, performance art, and traditional theatrical storytelling.

Klanghaus, a dynamic Bay Area artist ensemble founded in 2015, invites audiences to experience their latest groundbreaking project. Led by Teddy Hulsker, this group of eclectic collaborators is known for their creative experimentation and commitment to fostering a robust artistic community. Their newest offering, following the success of How We Spend Our Days, is a devised musical and soft meditation that delves into themes of loss, mourning, and masculinity. This queer cowboy musical weaves an intimate, meditative, and playfully childlike narrative, akin to a healing lullaby.